Making marketing automation work for your business...

Marketing Automation

More leads. More sales. Less work.

Do you want to save time?
Save repetitive marketing admin work?
Increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts?

From solopreneurs to large companies, effective marketing automation is now affordable for everyone and can take your business growth to the next level.

But implementing a CRM and marketing automation can either be an amazing journey that transforms and grows your business or be a nightmare project that does the business no good at all…

Done well, your CRM will transform your management of leads and customers, improve information, save time, increase efficiency, make marketing easier and increase your sales…it is like having an extra member of admin staff working on your marketing…

How can we help?

We provide professional coaching, training and support to make sure that you make a success of marketing automation:

  • FREE Initial Consultation (business case and ROI)
  • A Marketing Automation Strategy to avoid the common pitfalls
  • Practical Automation Action Plan to get quick wins and the ‘low-hanging fruit'
  • Support with all aspects of development and implementation from lead magnets and landing pages through to campaign development, staff training and website integration.

All of our packages include coaching, training and support to small and medium sized businesses to help you:

  • Understand how and where a CRM can help your business
  • Maximise your return on investment in a CRM
  • Save time, improve sales processes, improve marketing information & increase conversion rates
  • Develop your CRM vision for the future
  • Foster top-down support with bottom-up action
  • Understand the drivers for CRM implementation
  • Develop your implementation framework
  • Streamline business processes across the different business functions

Our Support Packages

A qualified marketing consultant and automation specialist will work with you to:

  • Select the most suitable CRM for your needs
  • Take away the technical headaches with configuring your system
  • Help your business get the best return on investment by identifying and setting things up to help you save time, improve information and increase conversions.

The basic CRM Kickstarter Packages includes:

  • 1 × 4 hour session of automation consultancy and coaching sessions to import your data, configure the basics and get your CRM up and running quickly and effectively
  • Live support with your to troubleshoot, fine-tune and get your system working effectively

This package offers real, live, practical support – working on your own system. We won’t just give standard training on theory and things you don't use or don't need – skilled marketing automation experts will work with you on making your CRM a success.

Speak to us about how you want your CRM to take your marketing to the next level, grow your sales and benefit from our experience of automating many different businesses.

Our Tailored Support Service means that we will put a bespoke package of consultancy and implementation services together to help you every step of the way – from developing your strategy through to designing your ‘sales workflow', setting up templates through to documentation and training.

What is included & how does it work?

Our CRM Support Service takes your business automation a step further – we can do absolutely everything for you and coach and mentor your staff to become automation experts. This includes providing the full range of automation, marketing and website integration services:

  • Cost benefit analysis – analysing and prioritising where you will get the maximum return on investment (ROI)
  • Content marketing support –  help with producing marketing resources from branded templates through to lead magnets and downloadable resources
  • Website integration – integrate your CRM into your website for sign ups, tracking, automated marketing campaigns and effective lead follow up and conversion

…and anything else that you may need as part of your CRM and marketing automation strategy and implementation.

What are the costs?

What is the cost of losing sales, losing time and not having effective and efficient lead follow up processes? Your investment in a CRM will typically pay for itself many times over within 6-12 months – you get a real return on investment through time savings and increased conversions.

Our CRM kickstarter packages start at £400 + VAT for a small business looking to implement the basics and start benefiting from better information and automation.

For larger businesses with many staff across different departments, a CRM implementation project with full project management, implementation action plans, coaching, training and support delivered over 6 months will typically cost from £2500 + VAT but will depend on the complexity of your requirements and your support needs.

Which CRM Applications do we support?

The success of your CRM is partly the application you choose but equally importantly, the way you go about implementing it.

Over the years, we have worked with numerous CRM applications including (but not exclusively) the ones shown above. If you are working with a different CRM application, please contact us to find out if we can support this software.

If you have not already opened your CRM account, please contact us before you sign up as we may be able to get you preferential rates.

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